Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday, folks! Share a bit of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.


Sometimes change is good.

This is my son, Alex, in the chair for his first Mohawk.

(*sigh* My baby is growing up. *big sigh*)

His biggest fear about today is finding out what his friends at school will think. Not sure if he's ready for all the attention, but he's a trooper. I think he looks terrific, and his sister, Ella, say he looks "really cool!"


Eleven more days to the Massachusetts Poetry Festival! Woo hoo! I am starting to see the finish line. My biggest responsibility has been creating the program, and now that it's off to print I can rest a little easier.

The festival is still in need of volunteers. If you're interested in helping out, go to the Mass Poetry website and click on the volunteer button.


The festival coincides with my busiest week at work. The Thursday before our Saturday college commencement, my team stays late to produce the booklets with the names of the graduates. Can't tell you what a big job that is. I mean, who wants to read their name printed incorrectly on the most important day of their life? That night is May 12, the night of the festival's kickoff event. Poor planning on my part. Oh well, what can you do but go with it.


Should find out this week about if I received a fellowship from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. I applied for a weeklong course. Fingers crossed. I need this week like I need plasma.


Special thanks to Geoffrey Philp for featuring "How to Make a Crab Cake" on his blog.


heather said…
Tell Alex we think he looks AWESOME!!! Maybe Conor or Dec will get one when school gets out (they're not allowed in school-boo), Then he'll be a trendsetter, too!

You all need to get out here for a weekend. We're going to miss you like crazy at graduation!
January said…
Cool. The boys will look great with Mohawks.

I'm so sorry we won't be at your graduation. Ugh. Will definitely celebrate with you all summer long.

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