Confession Tuesday

It’s Tuesday! Time for your confessions. I’m sure after the long holiday weekend you’ve got some stories to tell. Share a bit of yourself and we promise to do the same.

Where to begin? So much to say but it’s all jumbled in my head. Oh well, here goes.

Yesterday, I spoke with an editor for my second manuscript—it’s clear that it needs another round of revision. I think I knew it all along, but I needed to put my ego aside to really get it.

Revision for this manuscript is a good thing. I’m viewing it as an opportunity to push myself into a different creative space. Stylistically, while I’m good at what I do (according to my editor), sometimes I get in the way of myself. I can totally see it now. Some poems are missing their emotional core.


The part of me that knew the manuscript needed work is the same part of me that has been floundering since may looking for a new project. I think I shut down in an attempt to move away from the heavy lifting of manuscript #2. So much of the book is about divorce that I’m ready to move on. But I can’t until I dig deeper—just like life.


My editor suggested using the sonnet form for some of my shorter poems. The meter is almost there, I just need to play with it a while in hopes that the emotional aspect will take care of itself. It’s a great suggestion since I was planning on writing sonnets for my third manuscript.


I was concerned that I would not be able to tap into the heart of those poems, but I’m now convinced that won’t be a problem. There are triggers everywhere; I just have to be open to them.


Speaking of triggers, my e-mail account was hacked Monday morning (GRRRRRR!). I was livid. Had to unplug and de-stress for a while so I worked in the garden. Mulch, baby!


The rest of the weekend was terrific. Saw lots of friends all weekend, had a therapeutic massage—(working the knots out of my shoulders were intense), and did some things for myself for a change. When the kids came home from their weekend away, they were really happy to be home. I missed them dearly; the house is too quiet when they’re not around.


All in all, I’m thrilled to have this level of direction with manuscript #2. My biggest fear is publishing my second book too early, so the feedback I received was terrific.


Thomas D said…
Good morning, January!

(And best of luck with the manuscript!)

Some Tuesday confessions:

1. As my choice of blogging pen-name would suggest, I absolutely love Dylan Thomas. There are other poets who are cleverer, clearer, more joyful, more life-affirming -- what have you -- but Dylan Thomas took me by the soul at age 16 and hasn't yet let go. I feel an almost familial pride and joy whenever he gets a mention in the popular culture. If a Globe sportswriter observes, "The Red Sox are not going gentle into that good night," I am ecstatic for a month!

2. I have what I like to call "organically organized" bookshelves. That is to say, utterly chaotic and disorganized bookshelves! But I prefer my euphemism. (For instance, my copy of Underlife can be found between Marianne Moore's Selected Letters and Jorge Guillén's Horses in the Air. Good company?)

3. After you mentioned the American Poetry Review in a recent post, I went out and bought a copy! For the first time in nearly 20 years! Glad I did. I especially enjoyed the interview with Donald Hall, who counsels, "Lie, for the sake of assonance!" and "For God's sake, read the old poets!"

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

HG said…
Jan?--- What is the solution to correcting a hacked email address? Just using a completely different one altogether? Someone hacked Sis' too recently. Ick!
January said…
Heidi, changing the password helped. The spam has stopped. But what an invasion of privacy!
January said…
Dylan, thanks for your confessions. I really enjoy reading them--and I hope to get better at responding, too.

Glad you were able to pick up a copy of APR. It's one of my favorite publications.
Jennifer said…
"There are triggers everywhere; I just have to be open to them." The insight is half the solution.

Good luck with the revisions!

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