I’m sitting at Starbucks with a grande hot chocolate and the latest issue of APR. I have a sunny seat by the window. New Lady Gaga album playing on my iPod. Life is good.


Thanks to NAR for publishing my poem "Conversion Theory" in the latest issue.


I know writers should never compare themselves to other writers, but when I read that Olie is working on multiple projects, I felt like a slacker.


I’m also in awe of Olie's dedication and focus.


Just spent the morning with a friend at the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM). I’ve lived in the area for almost 15 years and this is the first time I’ve walked through the collections. Shocking. But it is a fabulous museum. I was hoping to write an ekphrastic poem but I couldn’t find one painting that inspired me. Instead, I was inspired by the mood in one of the rooms so I’m going to use that as a catalyst for new work.

Going to the PEM also has inspired me to check out museums in the Boston area. I mean, most of the museums I’ve been to in the last few years have “Children’s” in the title. And by obtaining guest passes from the library, the cost is relatively inexpensive. What a great way to spend my free time this summer.


What you're not seeing is that these "multiple projects" have been shaped over several years and have been abandoned, refurbished, slapped together, and haphazardly put together with a glue stick. So I use the term project with my tongue firmly in my cheek.
January said…
I still think it's admirable to work on simultaneous projects, especially with all the other competing interests in our lives. Can’t wait to read about your progress.
Thomas D said…
Congratulations, January, on your latest publication!

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