It Is What It Is

Yesterday, I had the most delightful interview with radio host and podcasting vanguard Christopher Lydon for the Radio Open Source series "Whose Words These Are." The link should be ready in a few days. Cool.


So, I was chosen as an alternate for the Fine Arts Work Center’s Walker Scholarship, but the two primary weeklong workshops I wanted to attend were filled, so I had to turn the scholarship down. Can’t tell you how disappointed I am about the whole thing.

I was hoping to study with Marie Howe. We spoke AWP briefly about it and I felt like we connected, especially because we’re single moms. The other workshop I would have taken was with Cornelius Eady on shaping a manuscript. The timing would have worked out well with my second manuscript. Drat.

Guess Provincetown is not meant to be for this year. Now what? 


As for manuscript #2, I’m working with CavanKerry on a revision. Hasn’t been signed yet but it’s moving in the right direction.


It Is What It Is” is our phrase around the office. One of these days, I’m going to get mugs made with this expression from the Urban Dictionary (first definition).


Jennifer Jean said…
you made me look! definition #2, even just the hint of that (helplessness) in the phrase, keeps me from ever saying it...

btw: check out Cave Canem fellowships at Vermont Studio :)

btw, part2: you've got great poetry karma with the festival work, so there'll be a big win soon :)
January said…
Thanks Jennifer. You're the one with the good poetry karma. Nice coverage in the Salem News:

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