Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday! Share a little of yourself and we promise to do the same.

These photos were taken by Jack Scully (thanks Jack!) at my reading this past Saturday at the Brockton Library. As usual, Ella--my little honeybaked ham--strolls up to the mic when I read a poem about her. I don't mind. And for the most part, the kids are quiet and respectful during the reading.

I try not to bring Alex and Ella to events when there's an open mic, because you never know what a poet might say and I don't believe in censoring. I also don't make them sit through all of my events. But sometimes I do bring them because I think it's important that they see what mommy does when she's away. And I'm hoping that they grow up with a healthy appreciation for poetry, literature, and performance.


After my June 3 reading, I don't have any events scheduled. That's a good thing. I'm looking forward to writing new poems and spending the time with my family. Thank goodness summer is almost here!


Since the kids will be away with their dad for the holiday weekend, I'm using the upcoming Memorial Day weekend as an at-home mini-retreat.

Weekend to-do list:
1. Write 3-4 new poems
2. Revise poems not in second manuscript
3. Visit the Peabody Essex Museum for inspiration
4. Exercise
5. Get a much-needed therapeutic massage
6. Sleep

Things I will not be doing: housework, paying bills, mowing the lawn.


Thomas D said…
Good morning, January!

My confession this Tuesday is a bit of a boast. Shameless self-promotion. I can now be seen reading poetry on YouTube! (Well, light verse.)

If you do a YouTube search for thomas defreitas mouthful, you will soon enough find me, in all my rumpled amplitude and portly pomposity, declaiming a rhyme called "The Poets."

My non-boasting confession is that I've produced very little poetry this month. Nothing new, in fact. But I did revise an old poem with which I was dissatisfied. It's still not quite right, but it's improving!

You've posted wonderful photos these last two days, by the way.
I LOVE that you are having an in-home retreat! And I love that Ella wandered up on to stage with you when you read a poem about her. To me, this is perfection.

I also agree it's SO important for our kids to see what we do. I'm the same way, I don't bring D. to all events, but enough so she knows that part of me.

Great confessions!

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