Letter Meme

Last week, I was tagged by BostonErin for this letter meme. At least Writer Bug had the letter J. But O is hard!

10 wonderful things that start with O:

  1. O’Neil, my last name. Okay, this one I stole from Bug but it’s applicable.

  2. Oprah. She rocks my world! So does O magazine.

  3. Sharon Olds, my former professor and mentor. Also rocks my world.

  4. Obi–Wan Kenobi, aka Sir Alec Guinness (Ewan McGregor is okay, but not as good as the original.)

  5. One.org

  6. Orange Juice. Tropicana Pure Premium, some pulp.

  7. Oak trees.

  8. Ohio. A big swing state in this year’s election.

  9. Off the Wall by Michael Jackson. Look at that album cover. Michael, what the hell happened?

  10. Okra. Probably the only vegetable I’ve written poems about. Maybe I should branch out to sweet potatoes.

Five bad things that start with O:

  1. October…everything dies in October. Not even a good holiday to lessen the blow.

  2. The OC. Is that still on the air?

  3. Bill O’Reilly
  4. OG—slang for “original gansta.”

  5. The word "over"; rather, its constant misuse. Over refers to spatial relationships: Let’s fly over the Grand Canyon. With numerals, I see this a lot: I won’t pay over $200 for an iPod this year. It’s better to use “more than” in such cases: If it costs more than $10 to see a movie, I’m not going. You get the idea.

I don’t believe in tags so if you feel like trying this meme, consider yourself tagged. You take letter P. Then pick five friends and have them work through letters Q-U.


Mr PoetMom said…
Alex (the Bug) wanted to know, "why is Mama wearing a suit???"
Insert tears streaming down face!
January said…
Let me guess, you didn't correct him did you? You just wait. What's that Star Trek quote, "Revenge is a dish best served cold!"

It is on, Mr. Poetmom! It's on like a MoFo!
twitches said…
You don't believe in tagging? Oh, now I feel bad for tagging you earlier. Oh well.

(Are you sure it isn't OVER like a mo'fo?)
January said…
T, you have a free pass to tag me anytime!
Paul said…

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