Five Things You May Not Have Known About Me

I’m tagging myself for this meme.

January is my real name. I was born in February and on time. My dad simply liked the name—no stories to tell there. And yes, I’ve heard just about every January joke in the book.

I’m an only child. People ask me if I miss growing up without brothers and sisters. My standard response is, “How can I miss what I’ve never had?”

I’m a HUGE Red Sox fan; I’ll watch roughly 150 out of 162 games a year. Baseball season cannot start soon enough for me. Go Sox!

I used to (unofficially) sing backup for a local Virginia band called the Mudpuppies. I had the biggest crush on the lead singer named Hayden (oh, Hayden). As one of three backup singers, the band named us “The Muddetts.”

When I lived in NYC, I worked at the headquarters of the Associated Press. One day at lunch I ran into JFK Jr. I’m not going to pretend we talked, or that he even noticed me. But he was tall and beautiful and I knew who he was right away.

Six (a bonus)
I can't swim.

If you want to try this meme, consider yourself tagged!


I love the story of your name--that's pure poetry, named January in February. I happen to think it's quite beautiful.
chiefbiscuit said…
Some of those facts I already knew, which I think is cool cos it means I have known you long enough to know a bit about you!
I loved what you wrote about poetry. And the poem is tremendous - woo hoo! I especially love the way the poem opens - and then takes it wider - as wide as it can go. Great stuff January (btw happy birthday coming up in Feb. too.)
paris parfait said…
I've done this meme, but that's an interesting story about your name (I had assumed you were born in January, hence the name). And I used to work at AP in New York at Rockefeller Center as well (but never ran into JFK Jr.)
January said…
Tara, when were you at AP? I worked with Norm Goldstein in the AP Newsfeatures section betwen 95-97 (also worked for AP Broadcast in DC two year prior).
Kamsin said…
Interesting facts. Having an usual name with a story is always an endless talking point. I kind of assumed your name was a pseudonym, just proves you never can tell in the blogosphere.
January said…
Kamsin, January is my real name, and most folks call me Jan. I figured that if I ever published a book I wanted to be as authentic as possible.

But you're right, you never really can tell in the blogosphere.
G said…
Hi January. I love your name, too. And you tagged me: here. :)
kj said…
hello january. i'm a sox fan too. and a writer. and i appreciate all the info and motivation you provide about getting published.

i owe you a thank you!
January said…
KJ, I think you give me too much credit. But thank you!

(Saw your pictures of your new grandchild--congratulations! So adorable.)

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