Simultaneous Submissions

Fat Charlatan wrote such a good post on simultaneous submissions and cover letters that I had to share.

FYI, I'm a firm believer in simultaneous submissions. I mean, the likelihood of two journals accepting my work is infinitesimally small.


Paris Parfait said…
Thanks for the link and the useful info!
ecm said…
Do you have any opinions on journals who ask if work has been previously published...does a blog count?
January said…
EMC, I go back and forth on this issue. I have submitted poems from my blog to print and Web publications. Most of the time, I'm honest about it.

A lot of Web journals take blog submissions. But for those that don't, if I publish a poem I've posted here, I will take down the original post and hope for the best.

I do believe honesty is the best policy, but that won't stop me from fudging the truth every now and then.

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