Me Time? Not Today.

I look happy, don't I? Well, let me tell you about my morning.

Today, I got up, went to the gym, and then headed into Boston for a hair appointment. Ella has a bad cold and Alex seemed fine when I left--my husband Tim had everything under control so I could enjoy the day.

After the hair appointment I had planned to work on my computer and grab a bite to eat, and then see a movie alone. Usually, I meet my friend Suzie in the city after a hair appointment but, she was off to NYC this weekend (have a cupcake for me, Suzie!). But today I was on my own and loving it!

Unfortunately, I had trouble setting up my wireless network, so much so that I got really frustrated. My husband says I'm a gadget girl, but nothing could be further from the truth--today was a good example of that. After many failed attempts, I decided to work offline and finish my poem that's been kicking around since Thursday. But I didn't save it in Word; I saved it in Blogger and I couldn't log on to retrieve it. Grrrrh! Also couldn't check movie times online because ... well ... you know.

Seeing that the writing was clearly on the coffeehouse wall, I headed home. When I got back, my husband and son were lying in our bed with my son wailing because he had developed an earache, poor thing. It came on quick, my husband said. Seems like the ache came on within the hour. And my son is almost never sick. (I blame both kids' illnesses on the flu shots they got earlier in the week.)

So once the kids settled in for naps and we figured out next steps in case Alex's symptoms get worse (the dr. doesn't think it's an infection), I sat down to finish the poem, which I posted as a separate entry. Oh well, best laid plans, right? At least Alex and Ella are resting, and Tim and I have a few hours of quiet before the chaos picks up again. Ahhh, parenthood.


Kristine said…
Great pic. Cute hair.
I hope your son feels better soon...
Dani said…
My husband and his friends think I am a gadget grrl, too. I know more than them, but a lot less than my geeky online friends. I've taught myself a lot simply because they ask me questions and I don't want to disappoint them :-). Hope your son feels better soon.
jillypoet said…
Love the poem. Love it! Isn't it great, and so poetic, how random thoughts can turn into deep ruminations about important things? That is the poetry I love. The poetry of our lives. And, by the way, no outing, and I mean NO OUTING, of mine has ever ended well. I mean it! Whenever I go out for a mommy day, I usually, almost always, come home to a debacle of some sort. I'm with ya, man!
ecm said…
Yikes...this sounds like one of those days where nothing goes well. I hope next week will be better.
You got the wonderful poem out of it, though...for however tough it may have been! Hope health has since returned for everyone...
J: that looks like a really fun coffee shop - sorry about your plans (and kids being sick) but so glad you finished the poem!

I noticed you are working on your manuscript: I am doing that, too this month. It's funny how no matter how many times I go back in, it still just keeps getting better and better.

And I also agree with your other post, which quotes WCW: craft is so important...An idea is just an idea. Craft makes it poetry.

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