Poem for Poetry Thursday

Yet again, no new poem for Poetry Thursday. I must be slacking ... but I have a good excuse. I had to plan a baby shower for two women in my office and the party was this morning.

The good news is that I have two new poems waiting to be posted, I just need to refine them a bit.

Anyway, this is an oldie but a goodie (how's that for a cliche?).

After 21 You Can’t Go Back

The bartender tonight was new
His jet-black hair fell over his face
and into his eyes
and when he asked me what I wanted
I was looking into his eyes
and thinking something else
I wanted to ask for what the girls
giggling in the corner would get
later that night
At the end of the bar I heard bits and pieces
of slurred pick-up lines
and beer bottles
and the sound of women
crossing their legs
rubbing their thighs
like crickets
ready to mate
I did not want to settle
for a drink


"and when he asked me what I wanted
I was looking into his eyes
and thinking something else"-
ooh, I liked this...
Blogger is misbehaving for me today--how's that for another cliche!--so I had to patiently wait to comment (or not really so patiently). What I wanted to say was that I loved this poem--the non-asking/the cut into the speaker's mind/the crickets--oh, yes...those. Beautiful.
bb said…
I need a cold shower now (another cliche?!!!) This poem stalks that killer ending and then pounces with precision- ouch!
What can I say, other than "Terrific!"
paris parfait said…
Oh I like this poem, January! I could see that bar and all the activity through your words.
ecm said…
Great poem as usual. I really like that the women are rubbing their legs together like crickets. Wonderful line.
I love "rubbing their legs like crickets" it is so amazing, and BTW: oldie but goodie is like, my all-time favorite cliche...
Dani said…
Sounds like a woman on the prowl! Thanks for reposting this.
January said…
Ahh, to be 21 again. Thanks for the kind words!
Catherine said…
I'd been married a year when I was 21! I enjoy reading good sexy poems, because they take me beyond my own experience
Excellent poem, I can the place and the people so clearly.
wendy said…
Me thinks this rather wicked!!!!

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