Oscars, baby!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The Oscar nominations were released today. Woo hoo!

Now those who know me know that I love the movies. I run an Oscar pool with my closest friends, which starts with much trash-talking and continues until Oscar night when one of us (ME!) is declared the winner. Yours truly has one the pool two years in a row.

I like to think of Oscar night as my Super Bowl. Tim watches the kids and makes a fabulous meal for me, complete with champagne. And the phone is always nearby so I can call my friends to dish about the best and worst of the night's fashions.

Do you get together with your friends to discuss the latest movies? What do you do on Oscar night? And if you have seen the nominees, were you surprised by this year's list?


deirdre said…
Oh, me too!! I looove the Oscars, love to see who wears what, who cries and whether the tears look real, what in the world those women have done to their hair, who's had work. And champagne is a must. You have to be able to toast the winners. I haven't seen the list yet, but I'm sure I'll disagree with a few of them.
Alex said…
Jan Jan Jan...
You're going to fold faster than a beach chair. HA! Let the trash talkin' begin my friend. It's Oscar time!
la vie en rose said…
giggles and cheers from my area of the world...i love 'em too!
January said…
Michelle, I knew you were an Oscar fan from one of your blog post. Nice to have someone else to gab with about movies and Hollywood.
January said…
No one likes a sore loser, Alex.

For those who don't know, Alex has lost our Oscar pool more times than he can count. Sad but true. And I have the Oscar trophy to prove it. (I'll take a photo and post our homemade Oscar trophy in a few day.)

Yes, let the trash-talking begin!

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