It’s hard to do anything today—work, write, eat lunch—without remembering where you were on 9/11. This year was particularly strange because it’s on a Tuesday, the actual day of the week the attacks occurred. So I couldn’t help but think about what I was doing six years ago: trying to figure out how in the heck to get down to Norfolk, VA, for my wedding with my then fiancé. I’ve blogged about my remembrance of 9/11 previously so I'll just provide the link.

As difficult as the day is for many of us, life goes on. Today was spent in meetings, editing brochures, a little crisis management, but also hugging the kids, talking Red Sox baseball with my husband, and making dinner. And something extra special, I attended an open mic and literary conversation at a local bookstore.

There was some talk about the day but not much. The evening was about the writing in this group where 70 percent of the participants were new. Out of my comfort zone, I listened to others talk about their writings (which was very good), read two of my own poems, and reminded myself that this is what community is all about.

In some small way, by doing the routine things that I do, and being there for the people I love the most, this is the best way to honor those who died on 9/11.

(As I type this, Boston Firefighters are singing God Bless America at Fenway Park during the Red Sox-Devil Rays game.)

You are with us always.


Mandalynne said…
Let me just say that your poems last night were lovely. I really enjoyed them. My friend and I are still talking about you! We're super glad you read and hope to see you at other events....
January said…
Thanks so much for welcoming me into your group!
yes, i can't think of a better way to honor that day. every time i wrote the date yesterday i felt a little stirring in my heart that wants me to never forget to keep living deeply and fully.
January said…
Absloutely! Well put, Michelle.

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