Poetry Postcard Exchange

Look at this terrific handmade postcard I received from Carolee a few days ago, a reminder that I should start posting the poetry postcards. Fabulous!

If you are interested in exchanging a poem on a postcard, e-mail me at jgill27494@aol.com. I'll post all of the postcards, with permission of course. Postcards I've received so far will be posted this week. And if I've promised a poem to you, don't worry--it's coming!


Sandip Maiti said…
I enjoy potery postcards,and have sent some your way. Let me know if you like them.
polka dot witch said…
glad you got it. glad you liked it. thanks for posting it ... it reminds me also that i don't use my scanner enough! maybe i'll have to look around for things to scan ... :)
January said…
With any luck, I'll have a postcard off to you in a day or so. And then you'll have something new to scan!

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