The Big Apple

I'm off to New York City to participate in a memorial reading for friend and dear poet Phebus Etienne.

My apologies to Carolee for not participating in this weeks' Traveling Poetry Show. I'm stretched a little thin right now but hope to catch up with all of the wonderful Thursday poems very soon.


polka dot witch said…
of course, you are forgiven!
All best on your trip J. Hope you are able to enjoy the company of friends while there!

Wish I could be in your reading series, BTW (the other blog entry). Alas...
Be good, don't get lost.
chiefbiscuit said…
Hope you have a memorable time. Hope you are inspired and blessed.
January said…
Thanks CB. Thanks everyone. It was a very memorable trip being with so many people who loved Phebus.

And yes, I am inspired and renewed.


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