September To-Do's

The start of a new school year always seems like a time to reassess the year, and overall it’s been a pretty good one. I *think* I’m starting to find a balance between my family life and my poetry goals. My secret, if you will, is dedicating an hour an evening to something—anything—a chore, a poetry to-do task, something that I can finish but feel like I’ve accomplished a task.

In the past, after the kids have gone to bed, I’d collapse with a thud in bed. TV on until I drifted to sleep. But now, when the kids go down, I try to accomplish one thing that’s on my list. And it’s helped. Last night I reorganized my office desk, which doesn’t sound like much, but it felt like I was starting again with a clean slate. Fits right in with September.

The other big thing I did during the weekend was start a new journal. Whenever I feel like I need to shake off the past, I create a new beginning in my journal. It’s like starting a new chapter in my life.

I guess I’m finding that these silly, little to-do lists mean something to me. And I have more success when I put them out there for all the world to see. These lists are my way of saying this is what’s important to me. Right now. In September.

  • Poem for Thursday. – What can I say? Can’t let go of having a poem written by Thursday. So that’s four poems this month.

  • Work on a memorial essay for Phebus Etienne – With any luck, it will appear in an upcoming edition for Callaloo.

  • Send out poems to a journal a week – I need to start doing this with more frequency.

  • Devote time to the NEWS – It’s time to kick our New & Emerging Writers Series into high gear with new fall dates. We’re excited to start the series again with some of Boston’s most talented writers. More info to come.

  • Open mic – While the NEWS is fulfilling enough, an up-and-coming bookstore in my area is sponsoring an open mic on Sept. 11.

  • NPR – I've always wanted to write a commentary for broadcast on public radio. This may be the right time to try.

  • Volunteer work – I’m happy to say that this fall I will edit a newsletter for a local charitable organization that helps out people in need. I may also devote some time to their marketing board as well. Cool!

  • Freelance work – I’ve been kicking this idea around for a while. I do so many free endeavors that it would be nice to get a few freelance gigs. Mama would like to put a few extra gifts under the tree this year.

  • Screenplay – For years, I’ve thought that the complicated life of Anne Sexton would make an interesting screenplay. So I think it’ time to jump into this. I’ll conduct two months of research, and then start to write in November. My hope is to complete it by April.


Jenn from WRD said…
Sometimes, just seeing your wishes, dreams, goals in print helps you to achieve them. I wish you much success...and am happy to give you an extra motivational kick in the pants if you need it! :)
You are so amazing. Good luck with all your projects!
Goodnight, Mom said…
Wow, those goals sound amazing! I can't wait to read your screenplay!!!
Paul said…
I like poetry
That is to the point - haiku
Does it well for me.
ka said…

Great post. Enjoyed reading about "the hour of accomplishment" before bed.

And thanks for sharing your goals. It's nice to see what others are working on.

All the best,
Brian said…
I should do a list like this. Thanks and good luck. :)

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