A Few Things ...

Just a quick post to say I'm still working on a sonnet. It's not as easy as it looks. I don't have a natural ability for rhyme, so I'm struggling. But I've had this desire to write one as well as attempt more formal verse. Hope to finish it up tomorrow.


So I'm officially not writing a poem a day anymore. Just can't keep up; although, I'm happy I was productive enough to write eight poems, and am looking to write a few more poems this month.


I am still participating in NaBloPoMo.


Hope to take some photos this week to post on the blog.


chiefbiscuit said…
Your energy always leaves me breathless - even when you turn it down a notch! :)
January said…

I'm sleep deprived most days. The trick is to keep going even when it seems like no progress is being made. And to work when my kids are sleeping.

Thanks CB!

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