Confession Tuesday

Again, taking a page out of Carolee’s book, here are a few confessions for Tuesday.

1. I was trying to write a sonnet but the words aren't coming. In November, I wanted to try more formal verse, but no such luck yet. Truth is, I have no gift for rhyme, but I’m not giving up. Hope to devote more time to the sonnet after turkey day.

2. Heard a great podcast with Robert Hass from the Poetry Foundation's Web site, and I was encouraged by his poem "Sonnet."

3. Will write a new poem tomorrow, damn it.

4. I’m off from my job for the rest of the week—Woo Hoo!

5. I’m waiting for a letter that hasn’t arrived yet, literally and figuratively. And this letter carries good news. I’m not trying to be coy—I’ve hinted about it for weeks. I just don’t have any solid info to share.

6. On my nightstand are two books I'm reading simultaneously by Olie and Afaa. I love switching between the two. Olie, I’ve so much about the Aubade through your beautiful poems.

7. Can I tell you how much I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving on Thursday? I’ll have to wear the stretchy pants for all the food I will eat. Although my parents are in Virginia, I'm thrilled to be spending time with Tim's very large family. Must remember to take some leftovers.

8. Is it wrong to go to the gym on Thanksgiving morning?

9. If there was a Law & Order cable channel, I would watch it 24/7.


polka dot witch said…
i'm so glad you're doing this. flattered. :)

we've run turkey trots (5K's) on thanksgiving morning and our Y actually has a 2-hour exercise marathon on thanksgiving mornings. it's not blasphemous. it's necessary. :)

of course, i'm so curious about the letter. i've been very patient ..... aaaaaaah! :)
Catherine said…
Did you notice that Robert Hass's sonnet doesn't rhyme?
When I was in a workshop where we were writing sonnets, we were given Seamus Heaney as a model. His do rhyme, but it's often slant rhyme, and the rhythm isn't really strict. I find with any form, it's a good idea to read lots out loud to get a feel for the rhythms and sound patterns. I'm sure you'll come up with a good sonnet eventually, you always seem up for a challenge.
I wrote a post today with a link to your blog - I assume that's OK with you?
January said…
Yes, I did notice that his sonnet did not rhyme, which is why I was drawn to it.


Absolutely. Feel free to link anytime.
A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, January! Fill out those pants and enjoy!

I hope your letter contains what I think it might....and we will all dance with you.

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