NaBloPoMo 4


Thank goodness for those who travel in this world sideways.
You know who they are—the ones who’d rather push than pull.
Fate will never shove a bookmark between the pages of their lives,
their covers sketched out in beautiful landscapes, never portraits.

Consider yourself lucky that this is not your folly. You take
what you get and call it a day, under your breath muttering
please may I have some more? The evening news with its
tainted toothpaste and recalled toys is your torture debate.

You break your heart and sew it back together the very
next day. While they see roses on their morning commutes
you see trees waiting to burn. While you look up to heaven
they hear the occasional beating of wings.


Biotress said…
I randomly came across your blog...just wanted to say "hi" and that I enjoyed reading it over...if only more people could travel sideways.
betty said…
It's not Thursday - but I wanted to go ahead and say hello. I'm looking forward to reading your poems for "I Promise" every week.
January, this is absolutely one of my favorite poems of yours beautiful.
January said…
Thanks Delia! That means a lot coming from you.

January said…
Hi Biotress and Betty! Thanks for the kind works. I'm looking forward to visiting your blogs later today.
you never disappoint...never...
Catherine said…
This is beautiflu and mysterious. I think you have a word missing in the second line (hope you don't mind me pointing it out)
January said…
Not at all, Catherine. Thanks for the feedback.
Jo said…
Very cool indeed.
I love every single word of this! And the last stanza really wraps it up for me!
Groove Momma said…
I've been lurking around here for a while, but I'm so moved by this poem that I just had to leave a comment. This poem is fabulous!

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