Next to You

What can I say? Seeing The Police was a chance of a lifetime! They've still got that spark. Hard to believe their stuff was alternative and edgy 25 years ago. I mean, they started a punk band, but managed to grow and be successful in video age, and now the band is legendary.

They played all of their hits, including "Next to You" (the title of this blog post). Regretfully, they did not play "Roxanne" or "Demolition Man." Now I understand Roxanne--I've heard Sting play it every which way possible. But "Demolition Man?" Come on! That's the one song I wanted to hear.

I'd love to hear Sting, Stewart, and Andy record new material, but I wonder what it would be like? Would it be edgy or contemporary (read: boring) middle-of-the-road music? I have hope for the former because it was just the three of them performing on stage: no back-up singers or musicians filling in. It was raw. No elaborate sets or lights or props. Just three mates at the top of their game--and all of us looking on in awe.


Lucky you! So glad you had fun!
chiefbiscuit said…
Must've been amazing. Lucky you.
paris parfait said…
Sounds like fun! And come over to collect your award.
Goodnight, Mom said…
Jana, we saw them in Dallas in June. What a great show. I danced and danced. Even Jon had a terrific time!!!

Pleeeeease don't stand so close to meeeee
wendy said…
really..they played a very bluesy rendition of roxanne when i saw them.

i thought they rocked. i just kept looking at the drummer..thinking, gd he must be tired...

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