Poetry To-Do List

I finally completed my grant application for a state artist grant. This is the third time I have submitted my work—and I fully expect to be rejected yet again—but there’s a part of me that hopes to beat the odds. Tomorrow, I’ll drop my submission in the mail and won’t have to think about it until June ’08.

Also this month, I sent my poems out to six publications and so far, I’ve been rejected by Slate and Diagram. OK, admittedly Slate was pie in the sky. It just seems so arbitrary how poems are selected by journals and reviews. Conventional wisdom says that I should send to places I feel reasonably sure I’ll get in. And while I think that’s true, it’s good to “swing for the rafters” now and then.

So for this week, I hope to:

  1. Write two new poems.
  2. Check out a new writer’s group—if I’m not too tired tomorrow after work.
  3. Send poems to two journals.
  4. Start organizing my poems from this year. (YIKES!)


BB said…
I have the same issues when submitting/offering my poems for publication ~ something in me warns that if I aim small I'll stay small. At the end of the day, with poems of your fine quality, it's editorial taste combined with what will fit into the issue being prepared, isn't it?

So ~ best of luck with your application and all your poetastic plans :)
January said…
Poetastic! Love it--could be my new favorite word.

BB, I think we have to go for it sometimes, knowing that we will almost always crash and burn. Here's hoping that some of our poetry gems get the attention they so richly deserve.

You'll have to update us all on what you've been up to these last few months!
J - third time is a charm. You'll get it...your work is too good not to.
Catherine said…
Consistency of effort will get you there in the end, I'm sure - your work is definitely good enough. I have one "back-up" journal, plus the local newspaper, where I can be fairly sure of at least some acceptances, and then every so often I do the rounds of other NZ journals, which tend to send very nice rejection letters, but no acceptances so far. I just sent out some work for a themed anthology on parenting and I'm hoping I'll get at least one in - but have no real way of judging my chances.
January said…
Catherine, it's just a matter of time before the acceptances start trickling in for all of us.

I do think anthologies can open some doors because they usually have pretty good distribution and readership. Good luck!
January said…
Melissa, I'm just hoping it's not a "three strikes and your out" situation.

Thanks for the support! Here's hoping our poetry finds good homes.
chiefbiscuit said…
All the very best with all your aims n goals n dreams n schemes n things my friend.
'Aim for the stars and you'll ever hit a gooseberry bush' - is what my Nana used to say.
January said…
"aims n goals n dreams n schemes n things"

That just about sums it up, CB!


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