NaBloPoMo Week One: A Few Thoughts

Writing a blog post or posting a photo every day for a month is easy. But writing a poem each day is hard work! I’m not going to complain about it, I’ll just hunker down and see what happens.


That being said, I’ve already written more poems this month than I have in the past two. Woo Hoo!


Last night I went to a local writers’ workshop, which was fun. But I’m psyched about tonight because poet Mark Doty is reading at the campus where I work. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell there’s no advertising being done by the marketing department—and I should know because I’m in the department! Oh well, I hope we get a good turnout.


I do like the forums developing at Ning with NaBloPoMo. Very cool.


Must start posting pictures soon. I haven’t taken any pictures lately, and I like finding visual representations of art and poetry in my community. Will try to do that this weekend.


jillypoet said…
Oh, I really like Mark Doty. I'll bet you enjoy the reading very much1 I predict you will be inspired!
Ananda said…
hi january. i have never heard of mark doty. i will google him and let you know what i find. many blessings to you. ananda
Ananda said…
i just found mark's web site. i happened to glance at his essay, "Souls on Ice" and fell in love with this passage:

"There's a terrific kind of exhilaration for me at this point in the unfolding of a poem, when a line of questioning has been launched, and the work has moved from evocation to meditation. A direction is coming clear, and it bears within it the energy that the image contained for me in the first pace. Now, I think, we're getting down to it."

the way mark describes the process of writing a poem hit home. tyou for exposing me to him. peace and poetry. ananda
I'll expect a full report on your night...
January said…
Delia, I'm hoping to post a few photos, too!
January said…
Ananda, thanks for including Mark's words in your post. He's a phenomenal poet so I'm really looking forward to seeing him read.
twitches said…
I love your new picture!
Bug said…
Even thinknig about this project exhausts me! And you impress me! I hope to see you Sunday. Just a few car logistics that still need to be worked out...
January said…
Bug, don't kid yourself--I'm EXAUSTED! And seriously off my game these past few days. Ugh.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Should be lots of fun.

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