Confession Tuesday

If it's Tuesday, I'm confessing! Share something about yourself here or on your blog, and I will respond in kind.

Tuesday morning, my husband, Tim, will have a second surgery on his knee to repair his shredded ACL. Oh, how the body can be unforgiving. This is second surgery for the same injury this year. So I'm off for the next few days taking care of him and the kids, and Tim's mom will be around to pitch in, which is such a big help. I will be in the waiting room with my laptop and a book, catching up on e-mail, to-do lists, and writing.

While I would rather have my husband healthy with all of his parts intact, I'm happy to have the days off from work. Now, the key is using my downtime well.


After I take my son the preschool, but before I go to the hospital, I'll have a few hours alone with my daughter, Ella. That means a little mother-daughter special time! Often, I feel that she get left behind in the shuffle. Not sure exactly what we'll do, but I'm guessing a trip to Dunkin' Donuts is in order.


Finished reading Patrick Phillip's second poetry collection, called Boy. I enjoyed reading it. In fact, I can't remember the last poetry collection I read cover to cover.

Speaking of covers, when I was deciding on a cover for my book, I looked at as many covers as I could to get a sense of what other poets did for their books. Let's just say that there's a range, and a topic of another blog post. But if you haven't seen this cover, it is striking. Maybe the biggest motivator for buying this book.

True confession: yes, I do judge (and buy) books by their covers.


Cold weather is starting to move in, so I have to work extra hard to stay motivated—and it's only November! But I've made progress on November's to-do list; I'll post an update tomorrow. I'll post a new poem tomorrow. It will give me something to do while I'm waiting for Tim.


Thanks for the kind words regarding my Open Letter to President-elect Obama. I'm sure whomever he chooses to read at his inauguration will be a fine choice. But what a great opportunity for the poet selected for this event. I hope it's someone unexpected—when you hear the name, you immediately say, "Yes!"


odessa said…
Oh, hope Tim's surgery went well! I was an intern in a orthopedic rehab clinic once and we see people coming back with the same injury over and over - the knee joint is definitely tricky!

I'm late for the confessional, per usual, but here is mine:
confession tuesday
January said…
Thanks Odessa. The sugery was successful, but I guess only time will tell.

Thanks for confessing!

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