Monday, Monday

I always dread the beginning a new week, which usually is a continuation of the stuff I didn't want to do last week!

I've been offline the last few days doing family stuff: raking the last of the leaf fall, spending time with the kids, and decluttering. Not very exciting, and not worth posting about. Even took a break from my home away from home—Facebook! But I have been writing a bit. Well, I decided to put an end to my nonwriting so I'm allowing myself to write crappy poetry. Hope to post a poem a day for the next seven days. And, I haven't posted any pictures recently, so I'll be better about that this week.

So, how are you today? What's new?


Anonymous said…
yes, yes, join the "free to write crappy poetry" club. yay!!!
odessa said…
i'm the opposite. i couldn't stay away from the computer this weekend! i was even facebooking at the laundromat :)

oh, and i finished an old/new poem, the first this month. yay! posted it over at my blog.
Maya Ganesan said…
barely anything new this week. I've got some sort of computer fever or something like that...I can't seem to move away from the computer! I did better today. :)

And I'm still not able to blog! I've not updated my blog in over a week, yet I don't know what to say. Blogging block, I guess you could call it. AND writer's block, too.

I've been writing horrible poetry this month, too. Nothing's coming out decent enough to be shared.

But you, on the other hand, are writing delicious poetry! I LUV your voting poem.
January said…
Well, Maya, thank you. I'm writing all week so it will be a little easier for me by the end of the month. I'd like to write a poem a week, but I need a jumpstart.

Good luck with your computer.
January said…
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January said…
Odessa, I'll be right over to check out your poem.

Carolee, are you putting together a manuscript? I hope so.

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