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Like many of you, I have been compiling a holiday shopping list. I’m slashing gift amounts, and, in some cases, not giving gifts to a few friends this year (sorry guys!). Can’t afford to do it, and I feel that most of us have more than we could really ever use in a lifetime. But I saw this idea proposed on one of my listservs and wanted to share it with you.

Given this economic downturn/recession/depression, it’s very likely that poetry books, as well as sales for all books, will plummet. Think of all of the small, independent presses struggling to survive this December--yikes!

No, we all know of someone who has self-published a book or chapbook, or who has worked with small presses to publish their first or second books. This holiday season, consider giving and asking for those books.

This is the start of my two lists, which, admittedly, has books from big presses and independents.

Books I’d Like to Give
· The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
· Children’s book of poetry (looking for recommendations)
· New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver

Books I’d Like to Receive
· Space Walk by Tom Sleigh
· All-American Poem by Matthew Dickman
· Queen for a Day by Denise Duhamel

Also, consider giving a gift subscription to a journal or review.

If you have some book-related suggestions for the holiday gifts, please post them and I'll compile a list in a few days.


JimK said…
Best collection I reviewed in 2008:
Myronn Hardy, "The Headless Saints"

Greatest variety in a Journal:
Boxcar Poetry Review.
It's online, but in 2006 there
was an anthology written:
Maya Ganesan said…
I haven't read, but am hoping to read in the near future, "Barn Swallow" by Margaret D. Smith.
Catherine said…
The book I'd most like to receive is Sarah Lindsay's new book "Twigs and Knukclebones" from Copper Canyon Press. Or her first book, "Primate Behaviour" - I really enjoyed her second, "Mount Clutter". Either of the two Poetry Daily anthologies would make great gifts.

I''m rather over Mary Oliver. After the first book or two, I kept feeling it was more of the same. It might be good for someone who had read very little poetry, though
January said…
Catherine, yes, I agree about Mary Oliver. The collection is for my mothter-in-law, who doesn't read poety at all. :)

I love the title "Twigs and Knukclebones" --I'll check out Sarah Lindsay.
January said…
Thanks Maya. I'll check out "Barn Swallow."

And Jim, thanks for the book suggestion. And I know Boxcar but I haven't read an issue. I'll check it out.
Catherine said…
For Sarah Lindsay check out the Poetry Daily archive at http://www.poems.com/poem.php?date=14168

and eight poems in the October issue of Poetry Magazine:
JimK said…
I just heard boxcar was doing
a 'best of' soon. It's not out
yet though.

NewYears' resolution: culling!

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