Election Night Blogging

Even though I am currently watching Spider-Man 3 with my son (we're fast forwarding the scary parts), I will be blogging for the next few hours. Stop in and say hello.

Two questions:

1. If you voted, how was your voting experience.

2. Are you doing anything special to watch the elections (any parties or special dinner menus)?

Tonight, Tim is bringing home Chinese food and a little champagne--just because.

Looking forward to checking in with all of you, too.


...deb said…
wOOOOOt. Yeah, Ohio!

Yeah, NM! Yeah, Penn!

I voted by mail 10 days ago :-) and have been beside myself with hope and worry.
~ said…
We mostly vote by mail in Washington, which kind of takes the oomph out of things (I do miss going to the voting booth), but I always *love* being able to vote early and make sure it's done so there can't be any emergencies or reasons not to (not that I've ever missed an election). ;-)

We had egg rice for dinner with halloween chocolate for dessert, but we will celebrate with a dinner out of things continue to look as good as the do!
JimK said…
Was easy..getting in line at
6:40 that is. 50 ahead. By 7:00,
200 behind me! The booth was easy.
Nice flair pen, seperated ovals.
Nobody talked about who, but
most of them had a happy-face.
odessa said…
yay! go barack! this election is giving me the shivers, its such a historic moment.
January said…

Ladies and gentleman, we have our first Black president! Can you believe it?
Yes, we DID!!!
Catherine said…
Nothing special, apart from peeking at the results on the internet at work this afternoon. and no, I haven't voted, we get to do that next Saturday here. (It's always on a Saturday in New Zealand, so no time off work to vote!)

Last elections I voted early, but we are only allowed to do that here if we make a declaration that we can't vote on the day for some reason (I was travelling to my brother-in-law's wedding, but no excuse this time)
Our National Party leader says that the US thinks it's time for a change - he seems to be pinning his hopes on NZ thinking it's time for a change too. If it does happen, it will be a change in the opposite direction for us - National being supposedly more right wing than Labour, our other main part which has been in for the last nine years.
Rethabile said…
A friend has just sent me these few words, and they embody my sentiment of hope. She said, "bravo les américains, il a fallu du temps, mais ils ont compris."

Bravo, Americans, it took time, but they've finally understood.

She's right. Congratulations to you, to Americans in general, and indeed to the world.
January said…
Thanks Rethabile. I needed that this morning.

Many of us are the excited about the international reactions to Obama's upcoming presidency. We're excited to have a new face represent this great country and repair our tattered image around the world.

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