Quick Hits, and a To-Do List

Daylight-Savings time is a joke for parents of young kids! Doesn’t matter that we gained an hour this morning, the kids were still up at 5 a.m. waiting for me to get up.


I have spent half the day in front of the TV watching CNN—I am wired for the election! Believe me, more on this to come.


Been thinking about my writing lately. I really got sidetracked by work summer and into the fall. But now that the stress level has eased, I’m trying to get back in a rhythm by doing the things that worked before. So I’ll probably blog more, because I think blogging really does help my writing. And I may attempt more writing prompts and challenges, including this one.

Although my 30/30 September poetry challenge didn’t go well, I’m trying again in November to write a poem a day with the goal of having enough poems for a chapbook. Not sure if I’ll actually produce a chapbook, but I like the idea of having a concentrated bundle of poems more closely related than anything I’ve ever written.

So, Robert Lee Brewer at Poetic Asides (at The Writer’s Digest) is setting the pace for the Chapbook Challenge. And even though I’m a day behind (big surprise), it’s not too late to participate, and to find out what makes a great chapbook.


Poetry To-Do List

Here it is for November.

1. Complete the Poetic Asides Chapbook Challenge (30 poems)
2. Write a series of poems on a theme, which is a goal of mine for the 30-poem challenge
3. Send out poems to five journals
4. Write two articles--one for RWP, one as a freelance submission
5. Read one fiction book and one poetry book
6. Memorize two poems: Mark Strand’s Keeping Things Whole and Tony Hoagland’s Reasons to Survive November


~ said…
I always like your to-do lists and thank you for sharing that Langston Hughes poem and Obama's speech in 04, I remember that, in fact a friend and I said, I hope we see more of him... Here's to a 2008 election win!
jillypoet said…
Great to-do list January! I have a similar goal: 4 submissions this month. I've got one down, 4 to go!
January said…
Good luck with your goals, Jilly. I'll have to check in with you at the end of the month to see how you did.
January said…
Kelli, I'm inspired by our times. Now I have to turn all of this into poetry.

For today, all I can do is say, YES WE CAN!

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