2009 Trashfinders Ball

Last night, Tim and I went to the Trashfinders Ball, a neighborhood charity event that celebrates trash. Yes, trash. (Read the Salem News article about the Trashfinders Ball.)

(Sean Devlin, the organizer, left, holding wacky thing.)

More than 150 people showed up for this party that has now become a local legend. Trashfinders brought their best trash finds to win the title of 2009 Trash King or Queen.

The items were judged on the story behind it and its uniqueness. This year’s Trash Queen brought a “personal dryer” (next to the Queen's throne) from the 1960s. The owner said it worked until last year and could dry ¾ of a load of clothes.

Also, there was a fashion show! The dress was trashy chic: old curtains, vintage prom dresses, gently warn tuxedos, duct tape, yogurt containers, bottle cap earrings, electrical cords—you name it, it was there.

So here’s what I wore: a skirt made out of shredded O magazines.

And my husband made me a purse from the cardboard box that comes with a Dr. Pepper 12-pack. Needless to say, I was stylin'! All things considered, I got a lot of complements on my trashy couture!

Last night was about more than recycling. The Trashfinders Ball was (is) a celebration of what we find. It takes a special kind of vision to salvage something out of the garbage and make use of it. This event says more about what we keep versus what we throw away, while celebrating community, charity, and creativity.


LJCohen said…
What a hoot! And you look very classy, my dear! :) This reminded me of the Museum of Bad Art that is housed in a movie theatre in Dedham. I think there must be a poem to be recycled in this.


ps--happy belated b-day!
January said…
It was a ton of fun! You'll have to come next year. Will have to check out the museum.
Erin Dionne said…
Fabulous! You are so trashy-chic.
Maya Ganesan said…
Ha! What a neat idea.

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