Kiss me, I’m 40!

This is what 40 looks like.

Growing up, my image for 40 was my father wearing a multicolored T-shirt that said, “Over 40 and Feein’ Sporty!”

Really? Is that what 40 is about? Well … yes … sort of.

Every birthday, I make the claim that this age is my best age. I’ve never looked better, never felt better, and never been more accomplished as a wife, mother, and writer. That’s not to say that this past year hasn’t had its share of hurdles and setbacks. I’m in love with my life, so I look forward to this next year and beyond with all the grace and hope I can muster.

Put another way, as my boss tells me, I’m entering my Cougar years!

So here are a few things I’m grateful for on my 40th birthday.

1. My family and friends
2. Having poetry in my life
3. Having my first book published in my 40th year
4. Working for a financially sound college! WOO HOO!
5. Being physically fit
7. This blog
8. Facebook (I *heart* Facebook)
9. Hot tea with lemon and lots of sugar
10. All of you, for reading when you know you should be doing other things. Thanks for spending a few minutes out of your day with me.

As for dad's shirt, he claims he can't find it, but I'm sure it's around somewhere waiting for me.

Happy Valentine's Day!


susan said…
Maya Ganesan said…
Happy Birthday, January! How cool that your birthday is on Valentine's.

And trust me, 40 looks pretty good.
Kay said…
Happy Birthday! You look great! Forty is a fantastic age ... and every year after it too! :)
~ said…
I love "40 & feelin' sporty!" too funny!

Happy Birthday to you, January!
Nic Sebastian said…
Happy Birthday! You guys look so happy!
January said…
Thanks everyone! Feels good to be 40 and fabulous!
odessa said…
happy, happy birthday january! you look fabulous. hope you had a wondeful, wonderful day.
Collin Kelley said…
And here's to 40 more!
Erin Dionne said…
You are teh coolest.

I heart you, Sporty Valentine Spice! You wear 40 beautifully.
Ananda said…
happy b-day january. you are fabulous and full of incredible life at 40. rock your fierceness. many blessings.
Bev said…
Happy Birthday young lady, when you catch up with me, than you can worry - but then, you won't worry 'cause you realize that it isn't worth it. So Happy, happy birthday!

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Thank you

Goodnight, Mom said…

Anonymous said…
happy belated birthday J!

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