Praise for The Inaugural Poet, January, 2009

This is an excerpt. Read the whole poem at Starting Today: poems for the first 100 days.

Day #14: Cornelius Eady

Praise for The Inaugural Poet, January, 2009

Perhaps it’s an impossible task
On an impossible day. A young poet
Fixes her gaze along the plaza,

Looks at this latest version of America in the eyes,
Looks in the camera at all the places we’ve touched
Or torched.


Love this poetic shout-out from Cornelius to Elizabeth.


susan said…

I'm a huge Eady fan. Thanks.
Collin Kelley said…
YES! Love it!
Maya Ganesan said…
LOVE IT! I sucked in my breath when I read that, it was so perfect.
Kristin said…
I love this poem that you called our attention to--thanks for that!
January said…
My pleasure, Kristin. It's one of those poems that should be read by more people.

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