Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Do you have something you want to share or reveal about yourself? Well, by all means, talk to me—and be sure to visit the confessors in The Confessional.

My mother's surgery has been postponed a few weeks. She's fine. I'm hanging in there. Thanks for the support, everyone.


I wish I was going to the AWP Conference in Chicago. For those who are going, I'm looking forward to reading the blog posts and Facebook updates. For those like me who are planning to go Denver in 2010, the dates are April 7-10!


True Confession: I hate being tagged for memes. The 25 Random Things meme is well meaning, but I don't want to do it. I usually comply when asked, but I like answering them without the pressure of having to answer them. And I'll never tag anyone. It's just not my style.


Tonight, I'm hoping to attend a reading with Jarita Davis for the Robert Frost Foundation in Lawrence, MA. And on Wednesday, I'm thrilled that Tom Sleigh is coming to Babson. Should be a busy poetry week.


This past Saturday, I spent some time with the Bagel Bards. They are a group of Boston-area poets who gather on Saturday morning at an Au Bon Pain for three hours and talk poetry. Members come and go, but may linger throughout the morning talking about everything from poetry to politics. I think more communities should duplicate this idea. Would be nice to hear of more of these groups popping up as we move toward National Poetry Month.


It's official: I'm in a poetry recession. I haven't been writing. Need to jumpstart my creative economy. The quick fix? Have to start back doing my 15-minute freewrites. I need to write without judging myself, and get back to posting my work. Along with reading newly purchased poetry books and attending poetry events, this is a stimulus package I can believe in.


Waiting to hear back from here.


Oh yeah, I turn 40 on Saturday.


~ said…
Good for you for doing your freewrites.
...deb said…
I'm glad your mom is okay, but delays can be tough.

Oh, man o' man I was freaked about turning 40 and was shocked at how okay it ended up being. :-)

Good for you for free-writing.

My confession is:
susan said…
Glad to hear your mom is ok.

I got the impression you don't like memes and then I read this. lol

I hate that I can't keep my confessions light. I hate the exercise actually draws crap out of me.

Momma Drama
susan said…
I wish had the confidence and talent to even think about entering the competition. Good luck.

I enjoyed turning 40. I don't feel any wiser, but I do feel a whole lot more comfortable in my skin than I did when I was younger. learned about me by 40. I turned 44yesterday.

Enjoy your birthday.
January said…
Susan, you should make it your goal this year to enter something, or submit your work somewhere if you haven't already.

Happy Birthday, my fellow Aquarian.
odessa said…
january, we're on the same boat. i haven't been writing and needs a creative stimulus package ASAP. your 15-minute freewrites sounds like a good idea. thanks for sharing.

here is my confession this week: confession tuesday
Nic Sebastian said…
Woohoo on the stimulus package -- I may borrow it.
chicklegirl said…
Just emerged from the booth.

Happy birthday wishes to January and Susan! I turn 40 this year, too, January, and I'm looking forward to it (with some mixed feelings, but by far mostly good). Hope your day is a lovely one (maybe you'll get some good news as a present--my fingers will be crossed for you)!

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