March To-Do List

I feel a little action-disoriented, instead of action-oriented, these days. Oh well, maybe this to-do list will jump-start me out of my malaise.

  1. Write four poems—ramping up for writing a poem a day in April.
  2. Send poems to four publications.
  3. Finish marketing plan for Underlife.
  4. Inquire about readings and reading series. This intimidates me, but I have to begin the process of setting up readings for '09-'10.
  5. Set up a free poetry writing workshop at my local library. (Thought this might be fun since I'm not teaching currently.)
  6. Think about a New and Emerging Writing Series (NEWS) event in April for National Poetry Month.

Goodbye February. Hello March!

So, what's on your to-do list?


Collin Kelley said…
If you come to Atlanta, consider yourself booked at the Poetry Atlanta Presents... series. We might not be able to pay, but book sales are usually good.
Kay said…
I am always impressed by your focus January - I could learn so much from someone with that much! Compared, I am a very scattered individual. Not that I am down on myself ... I'm just saying. (From an admiring online pal!)
January said…
Thanks Kay. If I don't have a list, I won't stay organzied.
...deb said…
Hey Jan, I saw this link on a writer friend's blog & thought of you:

Lots of good ideas on book promotion at Squad 365. Here's what they say about themselves:

"We're four writers who understand how necessary it is--and how hard it can be--for writers to promote their own work and still thrive artistically and live a balanced life. We've banded together to bring you time- and life-tested tips about book marketing and promotion from a writer's point of view. Tips that will not only help you sell books, but will actually enhance your creativity and connectivity as a writer and a human being."
January said…
Collin, my grandparents and my best friend lives in Atlanta. I'm due for a visit so the next time I'm in town, you'll have to let me buy you a cup of coffee.

If you're ever in the Boston area, let me know.
January said…
Deb, I'll check it out now. Thanks for the link!
...deb said…
Pal writes fiction, not poetry, but ...
jim said…
I want to bring you down to FGCU, dear, and I will definitely be using your book in creative writing.

I might be able to get you down here through the Sanibel Island Writers Conference, but that would be likely November 2010 (I think Tom's already committed for 2009, but I'll double check)--I'm guessing you would also be booked up in your parts of the country with the book coming out just then. Anyway, the pay would be minimal, but you would fly down here and stay on Sanibel for a fun full four days for free.
January said…
Jim, have I told you lately that I love you?!
jim said…

Oh, and while I'm playing agent, it may be worthwhile to try the Miami Book Fair International, also in November. Very much worth it.

The author contact person is Penny Thurer, and you can drop my name as someone who recommended you get in touch with her.

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