What Are You Reading?

I’ve been on a poetry buying binge. Here are the latest additions to my nightstand reading:

Sixty Poems, Charles Simic
After the Poison, Collin Kelly
An Apron Full of Beans, Sam Cornish
All American Poem, Matthew Dickman
Space Walk, Tom Sleigh

Next purchase: Delivered, Sarah Gambito

What was the last poetry book you purchased?


susan said…
I'm a huge book trader at paperback.swap.

My latest collections include Cotton Candy On Rainy Day by Nikki Giovanni, The Black Unicorn: Poems by Audre Lorde and The Broken World: Poems
by Marcus Cafagna

And I'm waiting for a signed copy of poems by Tara Betts. She sent it off last week. :-)
susan said…
Purchased would be Tara's volume. She donated one copy to our library and I'm paying for my own copy.
Anonymous said…
two weeks ago, i read richard silken's "crush" (yale series of younger poets 2005). it was amazing. harsh and beautiful. i started a blog post about it but i haven't finished it.

right now i'm reading natalie goldberg's "top of my lungs" and the new thick novel by wally lamb "the hour i first believed."
Jennifer said…
I just made an order yesterday, so in about three weeks I'll be getting

Time and Materials, robert Hass
Refusing Heaven, and The Great Fires, Jack Gilbert
Native Guard, Natasha Trethewey
The Venus Hottentot: Elizabeth Alexander

plus some Richard Scarry for my son. Because nothing's worse than opening a package of books in front of the boy without him getting one too.

I have to order on line because English language poetry written by non-British people who are still alive is nearly impossible to come by in Switzerland.
Ananda said…
hi january. i have been reading elizabeth alexander's inaugural poem and langston hughes' let america be america again. i am also reading bell hooks' new book - belonging and the secret lies of bees.
Catherine said…
I think the last book I bought was "The McSweeney's Book of Poets Picking Poets"
My daughter has a conference in the US in April and has offered to bring books back, so I'm thinking about what to get.
It saves the shipping and handling costs, which are about as much as the cost of the book if I order from Amazon. also, travellers to the US are allowed two big suitcases instead of the one medium suitcase allowed for travel anywhere else in the world - so she will have room, whereas when we went to the UK we were struggling to fit within our baggage allowance coming back.
The downside is that the NZ dollar has sunk quite low so books are getting expensive
Collin Kelley said…
That's lovely company to be in. :)
odessa said…
books on or around my bed right now:
God's Silence by Franz Wright
Lorca's Collected Poems
The Writing Life by Annie Dillard
Before Sunrise & Before Sunset Screenplay by Richard Linklater

I haven't purchased any book lately but I've been using my library card a lot :)
January said…
Odessa, great books in your collection. And I have God's Silence, too.

Collin, I'm enjoying reading your book. It's a wonderful read. As far as I'm concerned, the other poets are lucky to be in your company.

Catherine, books do seem like a luxury these days. But how wonderful that your daughter can bring you a few titles back in her suitcase.

I have the McSweeney's book and thought it was OK. What did you think?

Ananda, Elizabeth Alexander, Langston Hughes, and Bell Hooks are three of my favorite authors.

Jennifer, I have not read any Jack Gilbert, so I'll have to look up a few poems.

Carolee, I haven't read Silken but I love his book cover. I'll add it to my list.

Susan, I need to get Tara's book. She's amazing.

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