Beverly Public Library Bookmoblie Fundraisr

First of all, if I had known that last night's fundraiser for the Beverly Public Library's Bookmoblie would get local coverage in the newspaper, I would have:

a. dressed better

b. been more prepared

c. made the kids take naps earlier in the day

I don't know what I was thinking, because when organizer Sean Devlin gets a good idea, he's fully prepared to make the event a success from top to bottom. There were at least 150 people in attendance!

The fundraiser had everything. You could tour the Beverly Public Library's Bookmobile, which is 22 years old and sorely in need of replacement. I learned that this is one of four bookmoblies still in operation in Massachusetts. What a wonderful way to bring books to people who can't get to a library.

There was a reading of his excellent play Cabotville, a mystery that captures the spirit of the Beverly-Salem area.

(The Cast of Cabotville)

Also, there were book and poetry readings featuring local talents John Archer and Colleen Michaels.

And then there's me.

Lastly, we were treated to a 10-minute short film, and a trailer to the documentary for the 2nd Annual Trashfinders' Ball from filmmaker Kevin Carey.

Lots of food, drink, and wonderful entertainment. Sean even arranged for on-site babysitting, which means all of us had a night out on the town!

What I love most is being a part of a creative community that thinks up these wacky ideas, makes them happen, and then gives the money to charity. And there's no place more deserving of community support than the local library, so it truly was my pleasure to partake in the evening.


maya ganesan said…
Looks like it was a blast! What a cool opportunity.
January said…
The event was a lot of fun. Thanks Maya.
Kay said…
Well run and such a lot of fun to do things like that - it's what it's all about!
Goodnight, Mom said…

You are so fortunate to have such an amazing artistic community nearby!
January said…
Thanks Kay, Kristi. It really was my pleasure to be a part of this night.

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