A Few Items from the Publishing World

With the economy making budgets tight, thought I'd present a sample of what's going on with a few poetry publishers.

Salt Publishing

Saving Salt Publishing: Just One Book JUST ONE BOOK

Here's how you can help save Salt and all our work with hundreds of authors around the world.

1. Please buy just one book, right now. We don't mind from where, you can buy it from us or from Amazon, your local shop or megastore, online or offline. If you buy just one book now, you'll help to save Salt. Timing is absolutely everything here. We need cash now to stay afloat. If you love literature, help keep it alive. All it takes is just one book sale. Go to our online store and help us keep going.

UK and International


2. Share this note on your Facebook or MySpace profile. Tell your friends. If we can spread the word about our cash crisis, we can hopefully find more sales and save our literary publishing. Remember it's just one book, that's all it takes to save us. Please do it now.

With my best wishes to everyone
Chris Hamilton-Emery

Tupelo Press

Free Reader's Companions Now Available For Download

Responding to requests from teachers, book groups, reading hosts and readers, Tupelo Press has begun offering free, easily downloaded Reader's Companions to accompany books. Featuring author essays and interviews, critical commentaries, discussion questions, and other engaging ingredients, these guides can be retrieved and printed from the Tupelo Press website. The first three are now available: Reader's Companions for Annie Finch's Calendars, Karen An-hwei Lee's Ardor and Francine Sterle's Nude in Winter. Have a look and let us know what you think.

University of Pittsburgh Press

Summer Poetry Sale

University of Pittsburgh Press is having a summer poetry sale—50% numerous titles bought through their site. Don’t forget to use promo code Poetry09 to receive the discount. Sale ends August 1.

(Pitt’s list is EXTENSIVE. Check it out!)


Catherine said…
It's somewhat depressing to think that all the poetry publishers are finding things so hard. Unfortunately I've probably already exceeded my book buying budget this year. I've been trying to support local poets, and there are a couple more book launches coming up locally, so probably those are the ones I will buy.
January said…
It is depressing. I hope that the small publishers can ride the storm out without having to close up shop.

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