May To-Do List

Unfortunately, I did not take photos on Saturday. And the photos taken of me all showed a big wine glass in my hand. *Smile* Will take photos later in the week.


Now that National Poetry Month has come and gone, I find myself with an abundance of poems. My hope is that I use this energy to write a poem a week, while, in turn, getting a few new projects off the ground. Here's the list.

  1. Revise poems from NaPo '08 and '09 and put together a manuscript. I'm happy to say that I've started to do just that. As I look through them, however, I'm seeing some unfortunate patterns in style and subject matter. *cringe* And I'm plagued with those "Is my writing any good?" fears that I managed to avoid all these many months. Oh well. It's a process, right?
  2. Write a poem a week. Last year, when I took a break after writing a poem a month, it was really hard to get into any sort of rhythm. Can't let that happen again.
  3. Send out four poetry submissions. Submitting took a back seat to writing in April. I'd like to get a batch of work out there before the reading periods end for many college-affiliated journals and reviews.
  4. Plan a Web site and video project for my upcoming book. Just in the planning stages but I need to figure out what to do for a new Web site.

That's enough for now.



jeannine said…
Added you to my blogroll, finally :)
January said…
And now you are in mine. Happy birthday!
Jill said…
I was thinking of combining my two napowrimo years together and seeing if they meshed as a manuscript, too! now that you've put it in writing, i'll have to assume that's the universe saying get to it!

ps: my word verification was "debut" hmm...

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