What Does a Poet Mom Do for Mothers' Day?

She needs more than a day--she takes a weekend!

She takes her son and daughter home to Virginia to visit her mom and dad.

She relishes how easy it was to fly with two kids under six. And she overlooks what a handful they were waiting 40 minutes for the car rental.

She's appreciative of the sweet deal the rental car agent sets up for her, and enjoys her first time driving an SUV!

She makes crab crabs for dinner for her family.

She laughs, and enjoys the laughter around her.

She digs in the sand, gets her feet wet, and stands with her kids against the breaking waves.

She appreciates the people who truly appreciate her.

Her only request for Mothers' Day? Have someone take a picture of her so she can post it on the blog!

Happy Mothers' Day, everyone!


Goodnight, Mom said…
What a perfect weekend!!!

So happy the kids were well behaved!

Don't forget about the pajama adventure!
odessa said…
happy mother's day january! you're a super poet-mom! i'd gladly take your picture.

and oh, glad you are having a wonderful weekend!
Collin Kelley said…
Great photos and words. Happy Mother's Day.
January said…
Thanks! Hope you all had a great weekend.

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