Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Time to confess on this last Tuesday of May. Share you innermost thoughts, and be sure to say hi to the sinners in The Confessional.

Last night I watched the season premier of the show Jon & Kate Plus 8. If you've read any of the tabloids, you'd know that this is a family in crisis. For some reason, I have taken this family in as if they were my own—it's one of the only non-cartoon shows my kids will watch with me! But I can totally relate to the chaos raising young children brings to a household, and the stress it puts on a marriage. I understand how, as she said at the closing of the show, she never pictured five years ago they would be at this place in their lives. While not the perfect mother and maybe sometimes not the kindest, Kate Gosselin is a strong woman who knows what she wants. I completely identify with her and hope that she and her husband can work things out.


Last night the kids and I roasted marshmallows in our backyard, after a long walk around a pond. I am thankful for life's simple pleasures.


Just found out that I am going to meet one of my favorite poet-bloggers in a few weeks! Details to come.


Unfortunately, I'm following the same writing trend I did in '08 after NaPoWriMo. Haven't written a thing. Maybe that's good. No, that can't be good.


As a result of my poetry procrastination, my to-do list is now a mile long. Hope to knock off a few items, including sending off four poetry submissions, this week.


One thing I did do was look at my poems for a second manuscript—and then I promptly got overwhelmed and put them away. Ugh! All of my little insecurities about writing creeped up on me. They surprised me, in fact. But revision is my No. 1 poetry priority in June.

Time to take a big-girl pill!

I'm purchasing the following books from the Univ. of Pitt Press sale:

  • Duhamel, Denise Queen for a Day
  • Duhamel, Denise Two and Two
  • Shepherd, Reginald Otherhood
  • Shepherd, Reginald Fata Morgana

Any suggestions on other titles? I have a few, but I'm always looking for something new to read.


Thinking Aloud said…
Here is my Tuesday Confession.

And as for Jon and Kate, sometimes reality T.V. gets a bit too real.
susan said…
I don't have cable so I only saw the show while visiting my daughter. I can relate to Kate. I hope they work it out. Honestly, I'm hoping that if necessary to save their marriage, the bail on the show.

You'll bounce back with the poetry and I hear even the long established pros worry. You're normal and you're also talented. Looking forward to reading your collection.

Here's my confession.
January said…
I agree. It may be time for the Gosselins to turn off the camera and get their lives in order.

Can't wait to read your confessions, ladies.
...deb said…
I'm envious of you getting to meet Ret!! Afraid I don't know the show, but the marshmallows outside sound fantastic.

Here's my confession for the week, one you already know about:
Kells said…

I watched it too (confession I left out!) as I was completely drawn in by the recent drama. It's been a good discussion with my daughter about "reality" TV, relationships, big/small families, fame, etc.

I know a lot of people don't like Kate, but I think she's doing what she believes is best for her kids and as a mother myself, I don't feel I can judge her. I, with one child, cannot imagine the organization that goes into raising 8, and 8 young kiddos!

As for a book I'd recommend by Pitt Press - Richard Blanco's City of a Hundred Fires. I LOVE this book and I've bought it twice because I lost the first copy.

Great post as usual.
odessa said…
a walk along the pond + roasted marshmallows sounds heavenly! your summer of fun is really getting started...good for you guys.

i don't watch that show either so i have no clue who they are. but 8 kids, that's a lot! i'd go crazy.

good luck on the poetry front and keep us posted on the Jan-Ret meet up.

here's mine: confession tuesday
January said…
Thanks Odessa! (GO TO PARIS!)
January said…
Kelli, I agree with you 100 percent. Can't imagine what it must be like to raise 8 kids, in front of the camera, no less.

Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll add Richard Blanco to my list.

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