The Weekender

Yesterday I made the deal of the century. Picked up this used patio set for $50. And the best part? I found it through a friend of a friend on Facebook! I *heart* Facebook.


Also last night, Ella took a piece of a popped balloon and stuck it up her nose. I thought for sure I would have to take her to the emergency room. But she managed to blow it out somehow. Why do kids think stuff like this is a good idea?


Spent much of the day planting flowers and starting this year's vegetable garden. It was a nice afternoon with the kids.


On Sunday, Tim is taking Alex and Ella for a kids' fun day. So a trip to Starbucks and the new Star Trek movie is in order. And poetry. Making time for poetry.


Kay said…
Yep got to make time for poetry January! Lovely patio set - great bargain hunting and networking!
chicklegirl said…
Yay for stretching dollars! and for photos of your adorable little ones. I've been away for a while (burned out after NaPoWriMo) but it's nice to get caught up on what you're up to. Congrats on your upcoming collection to be published! You are an inspiration.

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