All You Need Is Love

Happy Friday Morning!

Sitting at my desk with a hot cup of tea with lemon and, say, eight sugars. I'm listening to this great little Starbucks CD called All You Need Is Love. It's part of the Project (Red) series. Four tracks on the CD—my favorite is by the Dave Matthews Band called "You & Me." (Note: not a product endorsement. Just good music.)


Last night, I went to a screening at Babson of Mary Mazzio's film, Ten9Eight. It's the story of inner city kids—all with amazing, sometimes heartbreaking stories—who compete in a national business plan competition. These are young entrepreneurs who are under 18, creating their own destinies. Watching the film, you just wanted all of them to go far. I have a feeling they will. With a little tenacity and encouragement, these kids are on their way to better lives. At the very least, they're doing what makes them happy. Hope you get a chance to see the film, which, I believe, is in limited release.


The award letter from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund arrived yesterday. Woo hoo! Did I mention that when the original notification letter came, above the sender's address was a little note that said "Good news!" I thought, "Yea! Not another rejection. I don't care what it is because it's good." I appreciate that little note as much as the award itself. I love it when good things arrive in the mail. And it is all good—a little bit of encouragement to finish the year in style.


Here's the latest on Underlife: The book ships to me on December 7, so I'll have copies mid-week. I imagine it will take a week or two to hit Amazon, B&N, and other booksellers. Can't believe I get to finally hold this dream in my hands.


I'm on Goodreads and She Writes, still trying to figure out how to balance those sites with Twitter and FB and blogging and writing articles and second manuscripts and real life. Wherever I am, find me and friend me!


Jessie Carty said…
Would love to hear what you think of She Writes. I'm on Goodreads but couldn't decide about She Writes
January said…
I don't know if She Writes is the place for me because I have enough interaction with the blog and the one-two punch of Twitter/FB. But I kinda like Goodreads, I just need to spend more time with it. I like that my blog feeds show up at Goodreads.
Susan Rich said…
Congratulations on your award, January! I am a friend of Kelli Agodon's and I'm a Massachusetts native so I've been following your blog and feel I already know you! All best, Susan
January said…
Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by. I *think* I've seen you on the WOMPO list.

Nice to meet you (virtually).

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