This morning’s breakfast: éclairs, holiday cookies, and chicken wings. My late lunch and dinner will probably consist of the same items.


I hear there’s a major storm about to hit the East Coast. Ugh. My parents are flying in on Sunday—with any luck they’ll miss the brunt of the bad weather so we can start our weeklong Christmas celebration. Helps that this is my last at my job until 2010! Man, do I like the sound of that.


Will post video from book launch party tomorrow.


This weekend, in between the last-minute Christmas shopping, I will be mailing review copies, choosing giveaway winners, and visiting everyone I can in the blogosphere. Haven’t said hello for a while—I’m due for a visit.


Collin Kelley said…
Weather Channel says the storm will hit Saturday night and into Sunday morning for your neck of the woods. Hope your folks make it safely. All we're getting is a cold rain.
January said…
My parents flight from VA has been cancelled. Tomorrow, they fly to Atlanta and then to Boston! Crazy.

Hope you get a chance to see Olie while he's in town.
Jessie Carty said…
hope your parents have as unaggravating as possible trip in!

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