Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks.

I'm giving away three signed copies of Underlife, my first poetry collection. All you have to do is post a confession on my blog (make it a good one!) and you'll be entered automatically. Names will be picked at random. All entries must be posted by Thursday, December 17, 11:59 EST. International entries welcomed. Winner will be revealed over the weekend.

I confess—I have a non-confession to make. I've waited months to reveal some very cool news, but I'm putting it off another day or two. Here's a hint: Inspiration. Now, discuss among yourselves.


On Wednesday, I'm having a book launch party to celebrate Underlife! Not only is this a book launch, but I consider it the 40th birthday party I never had. It's also the holiday party I've always wanted to throw but never wanted to host at my house!

So I am in the midst last-minute party planning. Fortunately, it seems like I'm in good shape. Here's the party menu: crab cakes, fried chicken, pulled pork, mac and cheese, cornbread, cheese and fruit tray, gratuitous veggie platter, cookies, and sparkling wine. The only thing missing—sweet tea! Tuesday night, I will be making the crab cakes, pulled pork, and cornbread from scratch with friends. Probably more eating going on than anything else.

Full recap with video from the reading to come.


Did I mention I look FABULOUS is my new dress?


Over the next two weeks, I'll start revising PAD poems and revisiting my second manuscript. It's also time to look at resolutions and goals for the New Year. I love the idea of letting go of old plans and making new ones.


On the poetry front, a few items of note:


Can you believe Christmas is next week? Yikes!



Sandy Longhorn said…
I confess I have been a "lurker" in the blog world for years and only recently started posting comments. I hope this one will win me a copy of your book!
January said…
Absolutely! Thanks for coming out of the shadows, Sandy.
odessa said…
congrats on the book January! i already pre-ordered it on Amazon but would absolutely LOVE a signed copy.

p.s. i wanna see the fab dress. pictures please :)
Supervillainess said…
I confess I have had the stomach flu and it has not put me in a holiday-ho-ho-ho spirit!
I also confess I've been having apocalpse dreams - earthquakes, alien races taking over earth, etc...
Supervillainess said…
Of course, it is spelled "apocalypse." I blame the flu!
I have been so happy to read about your literary good news. It cheers me up, so keep it up!
Jessie Carty said…
I feel inspired by your blog post!!
I'm doing my book launch party at a store, but I wonder why I didn't have one at my house. Hmmmm :)
January said…
Jessie, I'm actually having the party at my local library. My house is filled with toys. Much more fun to do a party and open it up to the community.
Anonymous said…
I confess that seeing the successes of other writing mothers keeps me motivated when I feel like saying "oh, well I guess I won't have time for my writing today..."

Congrats on the book, January!
Maya Ganesan said…
I confess that I always correct myself and apologize when I say something not so nice to a person.

hoping I win a copy...I want one so bad!!! :)

Congrats once again on Underlife!
Kristin said…
I confess that while others may see me as brutally efficient, I can waste enormous amounts of time in procrastination.
Rethabile said…
I'm going to buy Underlife, for the pleasure of doing so. I'll give it away. I want a signed copy. And I'm willing to wait for a holiday in the US to obtain it.
RFrostED said…
I confess that I ate the crabcakes that I brought home for Natalie.

Great reading!

Mark Schorr
January said…
Mark, thanks for coming out last night. Plenty more crab cakes at my house if you want more!
January said…
Thanks, everyone, for those confessions.

You know, I draw a lot of my inspiration from you all, right?

Odessa, dress photos to come!

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