Happy Day After Christmas

Santa shimmied his way down the chimney to the Poet Mom house and spread some of his patented holiday cheer. Good time had by all. I was a cooking fool yesterday, making a quiche, ham, and scalloped potatoes, while my mom made her signature green beans and an old family favorite--banana pudding. All in all, too much heavy cream!

Alex and Ella had us going from sunup to sundown. For some reason, Santa decided to bring a 890-piece Star Wars set to Alex (we're still working on it), while Ella hasn't stopped playing with her Barbie Dog Park set. While sitting around the fire with my parents and kids, Alex looked over and said, "This is the best Christmas EVER!" Couldn't have asked for a better gift.

Today, we're going back to the stores to scoop up clearance items--a tradition with my mom and me. But we're also getting a few home repairs and nagging chores taken care of this weekend. Most important, I will tackle the dreaded office!

More later.


Jessie Carty said…
I think my nephew Dylan received the same Star Wars set :)

Glad you had a fantastic holiday. We hit the stores for a bit but now just relaxing..oh but I hear the mailman!
January said…
Hope you had a nice Christmas. The sales up here are so-so but we'll be back on the hunt today.
Sandy Longhorn said…
January, your children are just lovely. Glad you all had a wonderful time over the holiday.

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