Confession Tuesday

It’s the last Tuesday of 2009! Are you ready to confess? Give us your best confessions, and don’t forget to wish the folks hanging out in The Confessional a happy new year.

Next to summer, this is my favorite time of the year. Time to shed the mistakes of the past and to move ahead to something new and different. And everyone is on the same page. Everyone declutters, pulls back, gets organized, works out, and reassesses—I love it!


If living well is the best revenge, then 2010 will be the best year yet for Alex, Ella, and me. We deserve it!

I am done with being connected to people who have no clue what it means to live an authentic life. I am done with those who put their own self interests before others. I am done with downdrafts. I am done with all of them. Done. Done. Done!


New Year’s Resolutions and Poetry Action Plan coming soon.


In truth, I start my resolutions early, because they seem more like habits and less like something to do at the beginning of the year. For instance, I’ve started going back to the gym regularly, which has been great release for letting out tension. Also, there is a lot of reorganizing going on in the house. Feels good to throw out or give away the stuff we don’t need.


The kids have been terrific the past few weeks, mainly because I’ve made some adjustments to how I parent. The biggest change: I’m being more patient with them, and now I’m seeing results. I’ve found that if I’m calmer, they are calmer. Dinner time, which I affectionately call the witching hour, has been less of a struggle. And I am listening more. I think my efforts reinforce the fact they can always count out me.


This week, I continue to mail out copies of Underlife for review and as thank yous. I’m always looking for new venues to read my work. I have a few readings lined up for January, which is very exciting. Also, I’m decluttering my office to make it a usable space again. Lastly, I’m determined to finish Eat Pray Love—it’s been hanging over my head for most of the year. I really love the book; I just can’t seem to finish it. Besides, Conquering Venus is calling me.


Thanks to everyone who reads the blog. I really appreciate the love and support through this roller coaster year. There are more readers now than ever before! I read every comment even though I don’t respond to them all. In particular, I’ve noticed an uptick in readership from Hartford, CT. Very cool. Keep reading—you never know what I might say or do next.

Happy Tuesday!


Erin Dionne said…
I love this time of year, too. Starting over and renewing commitments to myself, finding ways to live a ore authentic life, and assessing the successes of the year before are all part of my plan.

I confess: I love resulotions...and I love reading Poetmom!!
Kells said…

Great post! I had to laugh, I thought I was the only one who started my new year's resolutions early! It amazed me you are not a Capricorn, I swear you must have a Capricorn rising! ;-)

I'm also cleaning things out and getting rid of stuff I don't need, both material possessions, relationships and emotional stuff. It feels good to do.

Can't wait to read your Poetry Action Plan and New Year's Resolutions!

Happy 2010! Your blog is always so wonderful to read. Thank you for all you have written here and in poems this year!
January said…
Thanks Kelli. Maybe we were separated from birtth!

It does feel good to make a change, or to renew promises to yourself. Good luck with you resolutions. I enjoy reading your blog as well.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2010!
January said…
Erin, you rock my world. So happy to have you in my corner. And I look forward to reading Total Tragedy in January--I have it on Amazon preorder.

Happy 2010!

Jessie Carty said…
i felt like i knew rock stars when is saw January and Kelli's names in the latest Poets & Writers! Rock on ladies ;)

i have to confess that i am really looking forward to handing over the reins of my literary magazine. it has been a good year and a half but i'm ready to do something else in the new year!
susan said…
"I am done with being connected to people who have no clue what it means to live an authentic life. I am done with those who put their own self interests before others. I am done with downdrafts. I am done with all of them. Done. Done. Done!"

Oh, I needed to read this. I returned to the gym early and now at the eve of the new year, I'm finally feeling like going is something I have to do.
January said…
Susan, that's terrific. I work out because it makes me feel better in general. It's an hour I can spend taking care of me so I have more to give to the people around me.

Yeah, I've decided it's time to make a clean break from the past. I'm ready to focus on my family, take care of my own needs, and surround myself with people who support me and share my values.
January said…
Jessie, thanks for telling me about Kelli in P&W--I missed it somehow.

Good luck with the lit mag. I'm sure there's someone out there ready to take it over and continue what you've started.
Goodnight, Mom said…
Jana, as usual, you're right! I'm learning a lesson in patience, myself. Breathe in, breathe out. That's all I can do!

Time to ring in a great 2010!

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