Let It Snow

My parents' flight from Virginia has been cancelled due to the storm system along the East Coast. Lots of blowing snow north of Boston but it's winding down. They've got a crazy route to travel, which brings them in tomorrow night. Yea!


Not looking forward to shoveling the white stuff.


My parents' Christmas visit is always great fun, but it means I have help to me with the kids. I've been spinning a bit trying to keep up with them, and the holidays, and the poetry. But with my mom and dad around, I should be able to eke out time to get organized, rediscover my desk, write and revise poems, and dive into the books patiently waiting for me on my nightstand.


Last night, I went to a holiday party with my (writer) friends. Lot of eggnog and Christmas carols. It was a fun sing-a-long kind-of night. Feeling that holiday spirit, we made plans to go caroling this afternoon. And this is why I love my creative community. *smile* Makes me feel less like a Grinch these days.


Check out Rethabile Masilo's writing prompt, "Repeat After Me," at Read Write Poem.

Also, check out the Poetry Society of America's list of New American Poets. Kudos to this group of talented writers.


Dawn Colclasure said…
I'm glad the holiday cheer is still alive and well despite the crazy weather on the East Coast. Happy Holidays!
Jessie Carty said…
i hope i can even be half as productive as you plan over the next two weeks!

my husband is home tomorrow and then with Christmas on Friday plus hosting New Years celebrations the next week it will probably all i can do to keep my house in some semblance of clean.
January said…
Thanks Dawn, Jessie. Have a great holiday!

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