The Big Reveal

Here's my big confession (and it's not even Tuesday): I am one of 12 poets featured in Poets & Writers' Jan/Feb Inspiration issue!! Look for the article titled "First Things First: Our Fifth Annual Debut Poets Roundup." My thanks to Kevin Larimer for including me in this issue--it is quite an honor.

Here's the list:

William Archila
Kate Durbin
Robin Ekiss
Santee Frazier
Ish Klein
Justin Marks
Kristin Naca
January Gill O'Neil
Kiki Petrosino
Ed Skoog
Lytton Smith
Orlando White

Cover design by Chip Kidd.


Had the launch party last night. Pictures, commentary, and video to come this weekend. It surpassed my wildest dreams.

This morning, I ate crab cakes, chicken wings, and mac & cheese for breakfast. Yum!

I know some of you have not received Underlife book orders from Amazon, or are finding lengthy delays when ordering through book stores. Apparently, there is lag time between the distribution company (UPNE) and book sellers (Amazon, B&N, local bookstores). You can order directly through UPNE, but I'm guessing pre-orders will be filled in the next two to three weeks.


Kells said…
oh yeah, baby!

And I am a huge fan of Chip Kidd, so awesome that he did the cover of your issue (and yes, from this point on we can refer to it as "your issue")!

Congrats, January!

You are an inspiration!
I am so happy for you! Yes, you are an inspiration, and I'm proud to know you.flune
Hehe. May I call you Flune? (Better than Poriddic, the new word verification thingy--Flune sounds sort of musical and diaphanous, whereas Poriddic sounds like a gum disease.)
Heidi G said…
Just when the news was already terrific with "Underlife", ... there's more! I always felt that sharing good news is worth sharing frequently and early. The book launch was splendid! you looked ravishing, and your reading was captivating and intriguing alike. Right up there in the proud moments of life, as with the birth of your beautiful children! Let the New Year ring!!
Dana said…
This is HOT. And Ed's on the list, too. Yays!
Collin Kelley said…
Congrats! Can't wait to read it!
Writer Bug said…
So amazing!! And for those of you who haven't seen the issue (I got a sneak peak at the launch party), there's a beautiful pic of January to go along with the article. Very very impressive January! Congrats!!
January said…
Bug, Heidi: you are the best! XOXO
January said…
Joyce, you can call me anything you want today!

January said…
Thanks Collin, Dana.

Kelli, Oh yeah!
Jessie Carty said…
do you have a happiness headache yet? :) !!!

i love P & W so can't wait to see this! Congrats again.
January said…
Yes, I do, Jessie. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but today is pretty sweet.
Anonymous said…
congrats! this is so exciting!!!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
January, I just read the article in P&W today. As a poet mom to three young children, I found much encouragement in your story. Also, the fact that you have written 61 poems in 2009 is astounding! Congratulations all around!
January said…
Taniarunyan, you made my day! Thanks for the kind words. I write when the kids are asleep, and I have a few trusted baby sitters when needed.

Wishing you great poetry in 2010!

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