Despicable Me

I have the day off today (gotta love the summer flex schedule), so the kids are I are going to see Despicable Me. We're all pretty psyched about it; although, I'm not crazy about paying $13 for a 3D movie ticket. Yikes! Higher ticket prices means we'll be going to the theater less and less.


Lazy weekend planned hanging out and visiting friends. This is more than "me" time, it's "we" time! All the kids play together while the adults relax and eat. The Summer of Fun continues.


I'm very close to finishing the "Misery Islands" poem. I want to finish it this weekend so I can bring it to my writers' workshop on Tuesday for review.


Here's a mini poetry roundup of blog posts by others that caught my attention this week:

* Diane Lockward talks about poetry book contests and poetry manuscripts
* Oliver de la Paz shares this thoughts on his long poem "Requiem for the Orchard"
* Copyblogger: "73 Ways to Become a Better Writer"
* And my favorite ... AWESOMESAUCE!


Jennifer Jean said…
my mind was just blown by awesomesauce and the rest... whoa...

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