Weekend Retreat

This is where I'm going. Haven't been on the inside yet, but the outside is spectacular and overlooks the ocean.

So, Jennifer Jean and I are heading up to Gloucester for a mini-writer's retreat. We're going to pack as much work and fun (read: food) into the weekend as humanly possible. She found this wonderful place to stay for super-cheap!

The plan is to go early and fill the time with writing, revision, planning for the future, and food. We're both working on manuscripts and other projects that require more focus than we can give at home. If the weather holds--or even if it doesn't--it should be great fun.


Did I mention the food?


On Sunday, we'll end the weekend with a poetry reading:

Mark Strand
July 11, 4 p.m.
Longfellow National Historic Site, 105 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA
The New England Poetry club presents this year's award to Mark Strand, former U.S. Poet Laureate (1990) and Pulitzer Prize winner (1999) for his collection Blizzard of One. Book sales and signing. Free and open to the public.

Strand's poem, "Keeping Things Whole," has been a touchstone for me most of my poetic life, especially during the past year. I'm excited to hear him read.


This week has been extremely productive; I couldn't be happier. There's something about summer that revitalizes me creatively and physically. And, I've been able to spend time with the kids and get things done, which doesn't always happen.

Weekend photos and updates to come!


twitches said…
"Keeping Things Whole" is one of the first poems I show to people who say they either don't like contemporary poetry or just don't like poetry in general. And I am jealous of that vacation retreat! Have fun!
jim said…
What a perfectly wonderful idea, Jan.

Mark Strand wasn't my first "real" poetry reading I attended, but he was one of my first. Back in Idaho, probably around 1979, when he was teaching a short stint at the University of Utah. He read all these great whale poems, with this steady, sure, and quiet voice.

What a treat for you!
Anonymous said…
Great area for walking there in Gloucester, if it is around where I think it is. Maybe close to where the catholic retreat center is? If you go by the post office you must say hi to the "pals" for me (marc)- "pals" being the operative word.

Some great fish around there, needless to say, and spectacular scallops (huge)

if it was me i would eat here:
Susan Rich said…
I hope it's superb, January. I love the photo and would be really interested to know if you would recommend it as a writing retreat. Maybe I can stay a bit longer in November ...
January said…
Hi Susan. It was a nice weekend getaway. Unfortunately, it's semi-private so I can't offer it as a retreat option. Jennifer was kind enough to arrange it for us.

But, if you're interested in extending your stay maybe we can use the time to write together and come up with retreat options. Something to think about.
January said…
Marc. I wanted to thank you for the restaurant recommendation. I didn't know The Market Restaurant existed but I will be sure to try it out sometime during the summer.

I'm not sure where the Catholic retreat center is but I don't think we were close. Except for the rain, it was a very productive (and fun) weekend.
January said…
Jim, Mark Strand's voice and presence is still sure and quiet. It was wonderful to hear him read.

Twitches, I may use a line from "Keeping Things Whole" as part of the foreward to my next book. The weekend was just too short.

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