Video Poems by Kevin Carey, January O'Neil, and Colleen Michaels

Yes, we are very serious about poetry North of Boston.

You've seen "How to Make a Crab Cake." Now watch "Revere Beach Again" by filmmaker Kevin Carey and "Salty Even on Fresh Water" by Colleen Michaels.


Anonymous said…
That Crab Cake video pome is really good - as a lover of lit, film and the frying pan can appreciate the way you juxtaposed. Beverly is a nice town - nice old theater they have there - i saw "Dead Again" there when it came out.
January said…
Beverly has a rich community of artists. It's a nice place to raise a family but keep your toes in the creative waters.

Thanks for the kind words about the poem.
Heidi G said…
I really enjoyed the video poetry readings by all: Jan, Kevin, and Colleen. A miriage of images, sounds, and visual details. May I have another serving, please?

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