Play Dates and Pot Luck

Spent last night hanging with Jennifer Jean and Colleen Michaels as we plan for our reading in NYC on August 6 (see sidebar for more info). As I mentioned in my confession, it was time for a play date/pot luck. Much needed girl time while our kids played into the night.


I was kicking myself for not taking photos on our evening, but how much of my life needs to be content?


A bit of old news, but Underlife was a finalist for the 2010 Paterson Poetry Prize. Sherman Alexie won the award for his book, Face. Here’s the full list of award recipients. And congrats to Nin Andrews, also a finalist, for her collection Southern Comfort.


Congrats to Martha Silano, whose third book The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception, was chosen by Campbell McGrath as the winner of the 2010 Saturnalia Book Prize. Very cool.


Also, congrats to Thomas Sayers Ellis for his interview in Publishers Weekly, and on his highly anticipated release of his second collection Skin Inc: Identity Repair Poems.


Sending good thoughts to FW today.


Erin Dionne said…
That darn Sherman Alexie!! He won the National Book Award for young people's literature a year or so ago for THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART TIME INDIAN, and now this!


UNDERLIFE wins in my book!
Heidi G said…
A good book you might be interested to read (while it is not poetry) along the lines of downsizing one's life and getting rid of stuff (and therefore a lot of time and personal energy used to think about, take care of, and clutter one's life unncessarily) is entitled: "Throw 50 Things Away". This little book is on my personal to-read list.
Martha Silano said…
Hi January,

Ladies Night potluck with kids running around in the night: the best!!

Congrats on being a finalist for the Paterson!! And thanks for the nod to my good news ;-)

What I am really excited about is getting to meet you at AWP, cuz now I am definitely going (whereas before I was way on the fence).
Jessie Carty said…
That's pretty awesome that you were a finalist! Have fun in new York :) still hoping to read there someday but I might have a chance at LA next year. Yay for poetry
Catherine said…
You're in some pretty illustrious company there! Congratulations!

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