All Snowed Out

I'm tired of winter, tired of snow every few days, tired of shoveling. Enough already. For everyone who says in middle of summer, "It's too hot for me. I can't wait for winter," are you happy now?


I'm getting really excited about AWP. I'm starting to make plans, including my preliminary list of which sessions to attend. Will post the highlights this weekend. I love going to DC, my favorite city in the world. Hope to visit some old haunts and discover a few new ones while I'm there.


This morning, I woke up thinking, "I have to pack light to make room for all the books I'm bringing back from the book fair."


I'm neck-deep in planning for the Mass Poetry Festival. Making lots of progress on many fronts. Close to naming headliners and setting times for sessions. More info will be released during the next few weeks.


I need to find time to visit Starbucks this weekend. Mommy needs her "me time." Would like to write a new poem or two (or three), catch up on reading blog, and get organized.

Enjoy the weekend!


RobynBradley said…
I'm with you -- All. Snowed. Out.

Sounds like you got a full plate, but with all good things. Happy Starbucking! :)
Catherine said…
Fortunately it's quite temperate here. On really hot summer days, I just wish for less hot summer days, which come along sooner or later. And on really cold winter days, I just wish for sunny winter days, which also come along sooner or later.
The worst thing about winter here is that it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I come home. I feel for you though, I think I'd be pretty sick of that much snow, too.
Hope you find lots of exciting books at the book fair!

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